Little Seedlings Childcare - Play and Learn

I am also available to offer the Universal 15 hours Free Entitlement as well as the Extended 15 hours Free Entitlement
Hourly Rate - £4.50
  • If you need to discuss any aspect of the fees please do contact me
  • Hours before 8am or after 6pm are charged at £6.00 per hour - minimum one hour charge (except ‘before school sessions’).
  • Breakfast club - 7.45am onwards -£6.00 (incl. breakfast)
  • After School Club - £4.50 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
  • Meals: £2.50/£1.50 for under 5's - all snacks are included.
  • You may also let the children bring a packed lunch/evening meal to heat up, if you prefer. 

School Holidays - 5 yrs+
Full day 8-6: £35.00; Half day 8-1/1-6: £18.00


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