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My aims at mealtimes are to:
  •  ·        Provide a nutritious balanced diet
  •  ·        Reinforce parents’ teachings on healthy eating
  • ·        Promote good table manners
  • ·        Encourage conversation
I ask that breast/ bottled formula milk and food for young babies be provided by you the parent, as recommended by OFSTED. Water and milk are freely available throughout the day.

 As a general rule I do not keep sweets, biscuits or crisps in the house. However I regularly make biscuits and treats with the children, and they always enjoy eating these at snack time.

  I steam rather than boil vegetables, never add salt to food and always use the freshest ingredients possible. I am not keen on children eating lots of processed foods such as chicken nuggets or burgers, and will try to make my own homemade alternatives wherever possible. For instance, I always make my own potato wedges instead of serving chips. 

Here are examples of the kinds of food we like to serve: 
Fresh fruit; Dried fruits such as raisins, apricots and tropical mix; Bread sticks and crackers, either plain, with honey, or with cream cheese; Mini portions of cheese; Raw seasonal vegetables including carrot sticks or peas in the pod; Treats we have made earlier in the day 
Baked potato with various fillings such as tuna and sweetcorn, or beans and cheese, served with salad; Homemade soup with various sandwiches; Mushroom or cheese omelette with salad; Pasta salad with tuna; Fresh fruit, yoghurt or fromage frais are offered as dessert at lunchtime  
Chicken and vegetable stir fry with wholemeal noodles; Pasta bake made with lean minced beef, served with salad and garlic or crusty bread; Homemade shepherds pie served with steamed seasonal vegetables; Cauliflower cheese with ham, served with homemade potato wedges; Homemade vegetable curry with rice; Steamed fish in a creamy cheese or parsley sauce served with new potatoes and peas; Homemade pizza, served with salad. (Children like to add their own toppings, perhaps a smiley face or their initial); Puddings include fresh fruit salad, milk puddings, homemade fruit pie or crumble  Picnic:
Homemade quiche slices; Various sandwiches such as cheese, ham, or tuna ; Cherry tomatoes and mini cheese portions; Fresh fruit including grapes, bananas, apples etc.; Dried fruits including raisins, apricots, and tropical mix; Homemade cakes and treats ; Water, milk and fruit juice 

Please feel free to discuss any special dietary needs or requests. I welcome any suggestions you may have.

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